Business to Business E-commerce

B2B E-Commerce
Features & Benefits
An e-commerce website sells products 24-7 while saving you time and money. Our B2B websites are cost effective and easy to use for both online customers and administrative staff.

If you are a Business to Business supplier, you know that selling products can be complicated. Cattail knows B2B sales, and our E-commerce software provides you with flexible features and easy-to-use site administration tools. Online customers will easily find your products, see their account-based pricing and choose convenient delivery options. Website administrators will be able to add and update product information instantly, categorize products, configure navigation, administer accounts, and apply discounts. Your products will be easy to find and easy to order, and can be organized to help cross-sell related products across categories.

Cattail Business to Business e-commerce packages include simple to use and flexible product editing, image editing, and financial calculation tools. Store items can be grouped based on categories you create and edit. Items can be associated with one or more categories.

Orders are picked-up using the secure store back-end. The store shown on the left is accessible only to registered distributors of the manufacturer's products. It includes 25,000 items which are updated daily from the corporate accounting system.

Business to Business Ecommerce Online StoreWebsites using Cattail Business to Business e-commerce software can look as creative as you would like, and can include flash animations and other embedded media as required. The store shown on the right includes 18 product categories and several hundred product sub-categories. Categories and sub-categories can be modified over time, without the aid of a programmer, from the store back-end. This on-the-fly category modification allows you to change the navigation of your store as you learn more about your users preferences.

The store includes an infinite product discount structure, meaning you can create multiple discounts for each item in the store based on the user group your customer is in. Each item can have shipping, taxes, and sale prices turned on and off depending on the type of item being sold.

And of course all stores include a keyword search engine and item META keyword and META description data, so you can control which items appear based on the keyword entered.