Business to Consumer E-Commerce

Online Shopping CartCattail Business to Consumer e-commerce packages include simple to use and flexible product editing, image editing, and financial calculation tools. Store items can be grouped based on categories you create and edit. Items can be associated with one or more categories.

Orders are picked-up using the secure store back-end. The store shown on the left has been in service for 4 years, and has had features added as the requirements of the customer have evolved.

Items are categorized into 9 major categories. In some cases, these categories have been further divided into up to 4 sub-categories.

Store managers can edit products, product images, tax rates, shipping rates, sale prices, and can even cross-sell items, allowing store managers to display related items on the same page as the item being viewed. This store is just one example of the flexible customization available from Cattail Business to Consumer software.

Online Ecommerce StoreWebsites using Cattail Business to Consumer e-commerce software can look as creative as you would like, and can include flash animations and other embedded media as your design requires. The store shown on the right includes three product categories. Categories and sub-categories can be modified over time, without the aid of a programmer, from the store back-end. This on-the-fly category modification allows you to change the navigation of your store as you learn more about your users preferences.

Each item can have shipping, taxes, and sale prices turned on and off depending on the type of item being sold. For instance, if you are selling tickets, you can turn off shipping, which in most cases won't apply to these purchases. If you are selling non-taxed items, like donations, you can turn off taxes on those items.

And of course all stores include a keyword search engine and item META keyword and META description data, so you can control which items appear based on the keyword entered.

Whether you are a world renowned museum or a home supply store, Cattail Business to Consumer e-commerce solutions can start or upgrade you online sales business.