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Cattail B2B E-Commerce Features and Benefits

Easy search engine optimization with META data and individual product pages

Allows customers to find products using popular web search engines like Google. Individual product pages allow for comprehensive product descriptions which also improves SEO.

Product search and retrieval

Customers can search for products by part number, name, description keywords, etc.

Organize your store with product categories and sub-categories

Product categories, along with the ability of adding products to multiple categories, helps your users to quickly find products.

Easily add and remove products

Scalable to thousands of products. Add, update, and delete products and product categories with no programming skills required, saving time and money.

Product cross-sell

Direct users to related products by linking directly to them from a product page.

Scheduled product publication and expiration

Products with a specific selling period appear and disappear from the site as required.

Bulk product price and discount updates

Allows for rapid price and discount changes using text files, instantly updating hundreds of records at a time.

Advanced discounting structure

Lets you set discounts based on product and customer group, allowing for an unlimited discounting strategy.

Individualized customer accounts

Display custom pricing and add-to-cart functionality based on the user’s account status.

Sales tax and shipping charge flexibility

Lock out sales tax and shipping charges based on product. Customer accounts that qualify can have sales tax turned off.

Shipping charge options

Shipping charges can be set based on your internal shipping table or a live webservice connection to UPS.

Product payment and delivery options

Offer customers payment options (such as credit card or purchase order) and allow them to pick up their order, have it delivered by company truck or shipped via UPS. Associated fees for each option are calculated and reflected on their orders automatically.