Cattail Document Link Management System (DLMS)

Technical Information

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Cattail DLMS uses a unique system of file linking that allows you to set links on your website which call a program on the Cattail servers. The program then links your page to the document requested. This application allows Cattail to monitor and manage your website's links to documents hosted on websites other than yours, or on your website if you have no internal link checking system.

Information about the file requested, including the file name, path, and a recognizable title, are stored in the DLMS database. This information is used to make the request to the host server (the server hosting the file, such as a supplier's server) and download it to the client browser. A typical link on your website would look similar to the following:

<a href="" target="_blank">Camfil Farr Hi-Flo Pocket Filter Product Sheet</a>

The program checks all of the links in the DLMS database daily and reports to our staff any missing files. We can also see when the file was last modified, giving us the ability to check with the document host (manufacturer) if a document is aged to determine whether there is an updated version available.

The DLMS program is flexible. We can monitor and manage any link to any file on the internet. This includes PDF files, web pages, Microsoft Word files, Microsoft Excel files, and more.