Animal License 24/7

Animal License Online DatabaseVeterinarians and animal shelter staff can look up animal license information and return pets to their owners anytime, anywhere. The people most often challenged with finding the owner of lost pets have 24/7 access to pet owner’s contact information with this secure search system.

Animal License Online SearchThe database search engine allows authorized people to log-in to the system and enter data about an animal.  In most cases, the animal will have a tag with an associated tag number assigned. System users can enter the tag number and submit the search form. Information about the animal is then displayed, including the address and phone number(s) of the owner. The owner can then be immediately contacted to retrieve their pet.

Search fields can include tag number, owner's name, address; animal's name, breed, and color. An unlimited number of pets, addresses and phone numbers can be entered for each owner record.

Each animal record includes the name, breed, color, date of license issue, sex, age, rabies certificates, tag numbers, license issuing agency, spay/neutered, type of tag, issuing kennel, cost, and issuing clerk.