Content Management Systems

Content Management
Features and Benefits

The hardest job of owning a website is keeping it fresh and accurate. A content management system can simplify and accelerate the task of keeping your website up-to-date. Content management systems use sophisticated software to securely allow the editing of websites by non-technical personnel.

Content Management System WebsiteThe website on the left includes a content management system that provides content editing plus workflows and versioning. Workflows allows  pages to be edited without  going live (able to be  seen by website browsers), until the changes are approved by an authorized individual. Versioning provides an archiving function that allows you to re-publish a previous version of a page or content item. If you find that your current content is incorrect, you can instantly remove that content from the site by falling back to the previous version. For any website that will require more than two or three editors, workflows and versioning are both highly recommended.

Content Management System EditorContent management systems provide Microsoft Word type editing screens that allow non-technical users to type content, upload and place images, select font formats, position text and images, check spelling, add links to other pages, and upload documents such as Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Word files.

A Content Management System allows  you can have people closest to the content, such as department heads, sales managers, marketing managers, and others, log-in and make changes to their content when required.

Whether you are a government, business, or non-profit, Cattail can provide an affordable content management solution to fit your needs.