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Cattail Content Management Systems Features and Benefits


Allow you to enter event and meeting dates in advance and include a detail page with associated information.

News, Public Notices & Selected Content

Content can automatically appear and disappear from the website depending on selected dates.

Internal search engine

Makes finding website information easy.

Add, Remove and Archive Web pages

Quickly expand your website offerings and remove obsolete information. The Archive Feature enables content to be stored but not seen on the website and re-published when needed. It also allows you to instantly revert to a previous content version.

Secure individual editing and approval rights and workflow approval

The ability to assign users and groups permission to edit specific content areas enabling those most knowledgeable in a the subject matter to add and change content. Workflow approval allows for review and approval of content before it goes live.

Edit anytime, anywhere

Edits and administration can be accomplished using Internet Explorer 6, Netscape Navigator 7.1, and Firefox 1.4 and above. Edits can be made from any computer anywhere there is an internet connection.

Display information on kiosks or large monitors

Changes made on the website will automatically appear on display monitor(s) located in public spaces.