Cattail Purchasing Vendor/Project Tracker

Purchasing Project and Vendor Online TrackingNo longer does your purchasing department have to keep track of the many vendor records. Vendors can login to the Vendor Registration system and add or update their information. Newly registered vendors are then approved by purchasing after normal validation.

Quotation or proposal requests are entered into the Project Tracking System and can then be published on the website. Vendors in matching business categories can be automatically notified of bid opportunities by email.

RFQ, RFP bid information includes the following:

  • Bid #
  • Title of project
  • Description of roject
  • Uploaded documents
  • Department requesting bid
  • Project managers
  • Project personnel email notification
  • Requisition #
  • PO #
  • Bidding vendors
  • Pre-bid open date and time
  • Bid open date and time
  • Miscellaneous information

Vendor registration information includes the following:

  • Company name
  • Description
  • Address
  • Business category
  • Company points of contact
  • Certified MBE/WBE