SoZo Web Hosting Company picks Cattail for their New Website

On July 6, 2008 SoZo Web Hosting launched their new corporate website. SoZo chose Cattail to design and implement the site because of Cattail's creative designs and technical expertise. SoZo is a leading web hosting company located in Atlanta, Georgia.

The website features a state-of-the-art content management system which allows SoZo staff to update their site instantly using simple to use graphic interfaces. The site can be updated from anywhere in the world where an Internet connection is available using a computer with a standard web browser. All pages are search engine friendly and user friendly.

The design of the site was based on the theme of SoZo's secure data center and illustrates freedom from worry for SoZo customers and prospects. Site architecture was designed to provide easy access to SoZo hosting plans, pricing, support, and company information.

"We were very excited and proud to be chosen for this project. SoZo is a leading web hosting company that works with many website development firms. The fact that they chose us helps confirm our leadership in this industry." says Hudson Benson, co-founder and lead technical developer at Cattail. The site was designed from the ground up by Cattail graphic artists and programmers.