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Customer Requirements: Allied Supply, an Ohio based distributor of HVAC equipment and supplies, needed an online store to sell products to their diverse group of customers. They needed the ability to sell nearly 15,000 items, discount every item individually based on customer groups, add and edit items, offer three delivery options, get UPS rates real time based on weight, take purchase orders or credit cards, and more.  With many years B2B experience, Cattail had the right solution.

Solution: An e-commerce site which is easy to update, allows for fast importing of discount multipliers and pricing updates, and lets users select from a flexible set of delivery options.  Customers who are exempt from sales taxes are identified  and sales tax is not calculated in their cart. Allied Supply personnel are able to update and maintain the website without knowledge of programming or HTML.

HVAC Online Store B2B Website Development

Air Filtration Distributor Website Development

Customer Requirements: Air Filter Solutions, Inc, a Denver based distributor of air filters and equipment, needed a new website to display the products and services they offer on the web.  They also needed to be able to let their users download manufacturer's product information for writing specifications, etc.

Solution: A custom built website that includes information about their company and the products they sell. The Cattail Document Link Management System was used to create a bridge between the AFS website and their manufacturer's documents. Cattail monitors the documents to be sure they are up-to-date with valid links, eliminating broken links and obsolete information.

Customer Requirements: Advanced Filtration Systems, an Austin based distributor of air filters and equipment, needed a company to monitor industry information and update their website when required. They also needed a new products section to display their line card with the ability for their customers to download manufacturer's product information.

Solution: A new Perl based contact form was programmed to allow site visitors to inquire about AFS and their products.  DLMS was used to provide users with the ability to view and download manufacturer's information.

Air Filtration Distributor Website Development

Air Filter Distributor Website Development

Customer Requirements: Air Filters Inc, a Richmond based distributor of air filters, needed a new website to replace their existing one page site. They had started developing a new site using several website design firms but were unsuccessful. They then learned about Cattail and requested that we build them a new site to promote their company and products.

Solution: A completely new design and site content was developed for AFI. The site uses the Cattail DLMS system to allow site users to view and download manufacturer's product information. We encouraged them to find customers who would provide testimonials about their company and products.

Customer Requirements: R.P. Fedder, a Syracuse based manufacturer and distributor of air filters and equipment, was unhappy with the high cost and poor service they were experiencing with their website hosting and development provider.  They requested that Cattail rebuild their website on a Cattail server and develop a new products section to display the products they manufacture and distribute.

Solution: A plan was created to move the site hosting to Cattail, update the domain name record to allow for future ease of managing DNS issues, and to develop a new products section, all within a period of 30 days. The site was moved and went live on time and within budget. The site now includes a comprehensive products section which uses Cattail DLMS to manage manufacturer's product information.

Air Filter Distributor Website Development