A Selection from our Museum Website Portfolio

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Customer Requirements: Mount Harmon Plantation, a historic site and museum located in Earleville, MD, needed a new website to replace their existing website to update their image and web presence.

Solution: A beautifully designed site was created using advanced CSS style sheets and page designs. All site graphics were rebuilt from the ground up. Site visitors can now visit the website and learn about Mount Harmon Plantation events and what to expect when visiting the historic site.

Historic Site Website Development

Museum Ecommerce Website Development

Customer Requirements: A web store which provides for the sale of various types of products. The type of product dictates whether tax or shipping is charged. Discounts apply to individuals who hold museum memberships.

Solution: A web store which includes content management and a unique "engine" that allows for the sale of various types of products and services, each requiring the application of unique pricing, shipping and taxing rules. Products can be cross-sold and featured in various places on the site depending on the marketing strategy of the store managers.

The database programming for this store was considered unique by a leading programming publication and was featured on the cover of their journal.

Customer Requirements: Popular art museum is expanding and needs to raise $20 million in funding to accomplish their goals. An attractive promotional site is required to encourage members and the general public to participate in the fundraiser.

Solution: An artistic website which capitalizes on the rich body of work available to the museum. Use of dynamic page components provides for the delivery of information in an efficient manner. The campaign raised over $25 million.

Fund Raising Website Development