Strategic Planning

We can help you develop your marketing plan so your marketing dollars will give you the most return possible and provide a long lasting, consistent image for your business or organization. Our strategic planning consultant has 15 years selling and sales management, 10 years marketing management, and over 10 years internet and e-commerce experience. We can help you determine:

  1. where to invest your marketing dollars
  2. how to efficiently invest your marketing dollars
  3. what medium to target; print, radio, tv, web
  4. how to get it done at the right cost
  5. who to have on your team

If you are planning a new or updated website, contact us early on to help you determine how to best achieve your goals. We can help you decide:

  1. what content to put on your website
  2. what your website should look like
  3. how users will navigate your site
  4. what technologies to employ
  5. how to be most successful with search engines
  6. how to cost-effectively advertise on the web